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Friends, there’s a reason I haven’t posted a recipe in for-ev-er. And my apologies! It’s because I’ve been working on something else and I just haven’t had the time or daylight to keep posting on Omnomery. That, and we may very well be buying a house! Anywhosal, hopefully I’ll be able to post a week’s meal plan here soon, or an oatmeal free snack option. :D But in the meantime, take a look at my new project.


Christmas Portraits

The sun setting early means that there really isn’t a good opportunity for food photography in the evenings when you’re a working girl. And I’ve found a new subject for the weekends. The hubs has tired of being a model for me and I’ve started asking my friends to pose for me. I started with portraits of my friends’ sweet baby girl and it was a blast. This past weekend I shot my pals and their pup for Christmas type photos. They were very patient and gave me the opportunity to shoot in RAW for the first time. I was pretty happy with the results and can’t wait for my next volunteers. Until I get a chance to share with you a new recipe, take a gander at this weekend’s shots. If there are a gagillion images, forgive me. I can’t figure out how to make the gallery proper!

National Zoo

This past weekend was lovely. Kev’s dad and dad’s girlfriend came in to visit and we spent Saturday strolling around the National Zoo in D.C. with his brother and brother’s fiance. I made Heidi Swanson’s baked oatmeal again for breakfast and a delicious, but not so super-food dinner of pulled pork taco’s. (But they were seriously easy and delicious so here’s the link.) So nothing new to report on the recipe front but maybe you would like to see some of the animals! Pardon the poor quality of the big cats, they are cropped in quite a bit. Love birds at the end.
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whole wheat zucchini brownies

I have so many zuchinni right now! And it’s not because we have a garden. It’s simply because the hubs and I both went grocery shopping. Whoops. So we’ve been eating a lot of this and a little that. But I still have a couple of zucchini about to turn. I hear there are lots of gardeners and CSA members out there with the same conundrum. Enter the zucchini brownie.




The zucchini brownie is not my favorite brownie in the world. If you ask me to make a pure, fudgy, unadulterated, x-rated brownie, I have a recipe that makes your brain go into a high I can only imagine meth addicts seek. However, that is exactly the kind of mind-altering sugar I am attempting to avoid most days. And so this recipe is a sweet, moist, and satisfying brownie that is appropriate for young viewers. It is pretty delicious and if you choose hippie chocolate chips like ‘enjoy life’ or other refined sugar free brands, it’s pretty good for you too. I highly reccomend them.

coconut oil 3

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Quinoa Kale Galette


IMG_0761           IMG_0736

Holy cow; it’s been a long time! I just got back home from a work conference. The training itself was only two days, but because the trip was a 5 hour drive, we broke it up and ended up spending the bulk of the week on the road or staying with family. It was a break from the usual and we were fortunate enough to spend per deim on some delicious food and to share family dinner with my family back in Westfield.


IMG_0675 IMG_0683


It was a good time, but it’s good to be back home and eating whole again. All that eating out did a number to my waist line, complextion, and belly. So these quinoa kale patties were a delicious Sunday night dinner that felt special but still healthy. I mean, come on, quinoa and kale… can you get anymore powerhouse? And they don’t taste like dirt either. They actually remind me of a quiche. I enjoy them most with a little soy sauce sprinkled on top and Kev tops his with a little homemade buffallo sauce (butter and hot sauce). Bottom line: I highly reccomend them. P.S. This is certainly something you could enjoy on the sorta-detox.



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Whole Foods Reboot- sorta detox II

This go round with the sorta-detox has been loads easier. My body didn’t buck as much at the withdrawl of white sugar and meal preparation was much easier.  The detox was approximately 12 days and we had 7 people participating. Instead of cooking dinner together every night, the group met about every other night for dinner at a team member’s house. Sometimes it was a team effort and sometimes it was a night off from cooking for the rest of the team.  Most nights that someone hosted a dinner, the host sent along a ‘take home treat’ at the end of the evening. Dehydrated strawberry and kiwi trail mix and chickpea chocolate chip cookies were my fav.  If you can get a few of your friends on board for this, it makes the experience down right enjoyable.



{           Insert picture of our picnic night…. I forgot to put the sd card back in my camera :(       }

So, before I give you the suggested menu, here’s the game’s rules.

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family visit

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My parents came to visit us this weekend. It was a relaxing couple of days. They had just come off of a trip around Maryland and were kinda done with vacation mode. We just hung around the house and played around our sleepy town. It was nice! We enjoyed Heidi Swanson’s Baked Oatmeal for breakfast and it was winner. I highly recommend it for the next time you have company.

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Then we went to a local farm that sells its produce directly to the shopper in a cute seasonal store front. They had rows and rows of apples and berries of different varieties. And some beautiful tomatoes that fed us through the week.

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new camera!

The hubs and I are both home cooks. We enjoy experimenting, figuring out what went wrong with the last batch, and improving. Except my cooking is with food and his is with beer.

kevin transfering to carboy


We also both have an affinity for toys for our hobby. I ordered a spiralizer with my birthday present from my grandparents (post to follow!) and Kev went to the hardware store to make a wort chiller.

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planning a sort-of detox

Last Friday I sent the following email to some of my local friends and got a surprizing number of takers. We’ve since changed the dates to Sunday, July 28th to Thursday, August 8th, but essentially, here’s a preview of what’s to come. Drop a comment if you are interested in participating!

Also, click the picture to get the recipe for this beautiful fresh side. It will definitely be making it to the sorta-detox menu. Had it last night and will vouch for it’s bright, delicious flavor.


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budget-minded minestrone

Eating healthy is expensive. The hubs and I have been working on a budget and trying to track our expenses. We gave ourselves a generous grocery budget because we decided at this point in our lives eating healthy, varied, and often organic meals was important to us. Yet we admit that when we have to start buying diapers, that priority will likely change. But for the time being, the hubs supports me wanting to cook with fresh and fun ingredients that cost more than subsidized Cheetos and such ilk.

ministrone with parm (2)

But even with that generous budget, we went over… substantially. This blew my mind.  I really try to plan our meals. Sundays usually entail me sitting down with my cookbooks and a notepad where little arrows swap meals around avoiding food waste. “Okay, so the mushrooms are about to turn so we’ll have mushroom risotto tomorrow night and then Tuesday I’ll make minestrone to use up the kale, cabbage, and celery with enough leftover for lunches.”  And while we try to buy organic, hormone/antibiotic free (or local where it’s used when needed and not as a standard process), which is undoubtedly more expensive, we try to off-set the expense by having meat only a few times a week, instead opting for more vegetarian meals.

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