If you read this blog you probably know me in real life and don’t need to be on the “about” page. However, if you’ve stumbled across this little site, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Claire and I live in a small town about four hours from where I grew up. It’s by far the farthest away from home I’ve ever lived, but I’m still happily in my home among the hills.  Though most of our local friends seem to be in a bit of a transient state, as are we, we enjoy our little community.


I have food blog crushes. My favorites are Cookie + Kate, smitten kitchen, and 101 cookbooks because they so often feature whole foods recipes. This blog is my knock-off version. I’ve been trying to be healthier and I’ve found a real interest in healthy cooking. I love learning about superfoods and enjoy playing with new ingredients.  I used to worry more about calories and my earlier posts reflect that, but now I am searching for more whole foods and nutrition. I’m by no means a nutritionist, chef, or expert in endocrinology, but I enjoy writing about these topics as I go. It’s also my goal to learn more about photography and show case the recipes you’ll find here. My skills are definitely in their infancy, but I’m glad you’re here anyway.  Thanks for reading and please leave a comment or two, they make my day!


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