Hello, goodbye.

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This past Monday one of my co-workers held a dinner at her farm. It was great. She has this incredible stone farm house with exposed beams and a lovely field with two horses, a barn, and a silo with a mulberry tree growing out the top. The dinner came complete with a tour of the chicken coop, the pig’s pen, and feeding Spirit potatoes.  (Spirit’s the horse, although, Gene probably likes potatoes too because he’s from the Ukraine. His joke!) As the sky grew dark we brought our glasses of wine inside and sat down to a large round wooden table filled with delicious food lovingly prepared, the rice presented last in accordance with Persian tradition. Part of the reason for this weeknight meal was to say hello to new co-worker from California and goodbye to one headed to Tennessee. I’m looking forward to getting to know the new girl and I’m really  glad my path crossed with Gene’s, even if it was for a short time. I wish he and his beautiful wife all the luck and happiness this world has to offer and these two humble snapshots.

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