Whole Foods Reboot- sorta detox II

This go round with the sorta-detox has been loads easier. My body didn’t buck as much at the withdrawl of white sugar and meal preparation was much easier.  The detox was approximately 12 days and we had 7 people participating. Instead of cooking dinner together every night, the group met about every other night for dinner at a team member’s house. Sometimes it was a team effort and sometimes it was a night off from cooking for the rest of the team.  Most nights that someone hosted a dinner, the host sent along a ‘take home treat’ at the end of the evening. Dehydrated strawberry and kiwi trail mix and chickpea chocolate chip cookies were my fav.  If you can get a few of your friends on board for this, it makes the experience down right enjoyable.



{           Insert picture of our picnic night…. I forgot to put the sd card back in my camera :(       }

So, before I give you the suggested menu, here’s the game’s rules.

Whole Foods Reboot

12 days


If you’re hungry, eat. It might take some delayed gratification if you don’t have a snack with you or dinner ready, but this isn’t about portion control or calorie counting. It’s more about getting more nutritional bang out of your caloric-buck. Try looking at this as treating yourself to healthy foods and just getting out of the way of your awesome bod.  I can’t guarantee you’re going to lose weight, but if that’s your goal, take a gander here.  All that being said, don’t eat when you’re not hungry either. Listen to your body and eat to live, do not live to eat.

Stick with whole foods: nothing refined. (Especially beware of ingredients that have been so broken down that they only have one nutrient: white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugar, bleached flour, etc.); no artificial preservatives (sodium nitrates, msg, etc. That means no deli meats, and most packaged salad dressings are off limits).  

Only natural, whole sweeteners like honey, maple sugar, and fruit. You should consider going off all sugars if you have a candida overgrowth or other dietary needs. 

MSG is sneaky. Since MSG acquired a reputation for causing migraines, the food industry has given it new names and new forms. Check out this list of aliases.  In fact I would suggest bookmarking it to your smart phone or printing it out to take grocery shopping. “Natrium glutamate” might tip you off, but if you see “seasonings” you probably assume it’s their secret combo of oregano, cumin, and what-have-you, but it might just be a way to include MSG without the consumer knowing.

Basically, the closer to God-made the food is, the better. If it came from a lab, it’s probably not good for you.

Eat clean: no hormones (in meat or dairy); organic for the dirty dozen (optional); and no preventative antibiotics.

If this cleanse would be a financial hardship, skip the organics. It’s more important to eat fresh foods than it is to eat organic. But the good thing about organics (fruit, veggies, dairy) is that they last longer so you don’t end up throwing away produce.

No scales. Feel free to weigh yourself before and after, but not during the cleanse.

romain argula beet red cabbage


Your lunch pail may look as though you’re going camping for a weekend.  Be okay with that- pack lots of snacks and a bottle of water until you get an idea of how much food it takes to get you through the day.

Make your lunch the night before.

Make sure you are stocked up on lunch and leftover containers. I love-love-love having my disposable salad and soup containers at hand. I use glassware for leftovers at home, but it is some kind of awesome to make a ton of salads or whatever at the beginning of the week or freeze extra chili in my plastic container with no clean-up in the bathroom sink at the office.  I use webstaurantstore.com, but they also have some stuff at target and sam’s and so forth. Also, Jonnies Restaurant Supply store has some of these cool items. Also, sturdy mason jars work well for transporting smoothies in a purse. (Additionally, they are easy to clean and won’t leach any chemicals.)

The recipes and meals on this plan are suggestions.  If you forgot to defrost your frozen chicken, you can move the meals around. While I made this list to make the most of valuable prep time and leftover ingredients, it’s not set in stone.  At the beginning of the week sit down with your calendar and figure out what nights you need a quick meal and plan accordingly, e.g., meals you made and froze on Sunday night, leftovers, etc. If you hate sweet potatoes. skip or tweak the burritos. Just make sure it fits the game plan. Lastly, you may not need to cook a new dinner each night- if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, just pick the recipes that sound most appetizing.

If you don’t mind a little agenda pushing, bring up your Netflix account and watch Hungry for Change. Although cheesy, it explains why processed foods are addicting. These sort of movies or books pump me up and make me more stubborn about giving in.

Plan that grocery shopping will take longer than your typical run and expect it to cost a little more. Don’t flip out at the size of this grocery list. It’s almost everything you will put in your mouth for two weeks. Produce is more expensive than processed carbs. But chin up; over the entire span of the cleanse it’s not going to be as costly as you think because you aren’t going to have waste and you hopefully won’t have to be making little trips to the grocery store on the way home. P.S. Aldi (or similar discount grocers) can be a game changer if you don’t mind hitting up two grocery stores (they usually don’t have everything you need.)  If you want to pair up with someone, you can divide and conquer your groceries with a pretty nifty app called “our groceries.” Also, if you are lucky enough to be doing this with a group, look at your recipe for the group dinner at your house and for your picnic dish and add those ingredients to your grocery list. Also, I organized this list the way my grocery store is laid out, you may need to search a bit more in other stores.

Keep in mind that if your body is addicted to something we’re kicking out (refined or artificial sugar, I’m looking at you), you’ll likely notice some unpleasant symptoms mid-week. —fatigue, headache, bloat—as the body purges toxins. This is normal, so don’t lose heart. You should start to feel better by week’s end.

Lastly, but importantly, this sorta detox is not for everyone. It is not gluten-free, it is not lactose-free, it is not really a detox at all. Really, it’s just getting more in line with the way most people should be eating and cooking. For example, if you have a thyroid problem some of the recipes aren’t for you. Did you know that people with thyroid problems should actually avoid raw cabbage and kale! They should also avoid strawberries and even tap water because of the floride! But more on that topic another day.




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