Raw Rainbow Pad Thai

I have written and taken pictures for about 4 posts that I have deemed not good enough for your kitchens. Each dish was good enough for dinner, but left me wanting to tweak and experiment once more before giving it to you- and I just haven’t had time. Plus I’ve been working on a game plan for some of my friends that are going to do a sorta-detox with me. So there are a few recipes I want to try before including in the game plan.
However there is one recipe I’ve tried since the last post that is indeed worthy of your kitchens. But because my photos were crudy and because the recipe is perfect as-is, I am only going to direct you to Oh She Glows.  This conncoction is not going to make it to the cleanse menu because it contains tamari, but it is delicious and wayyyy healthy. I was holding the recipe until I can get my mitts on a spirilizer someday but couldn’t wait and instead used my julian veggie peeler and a trusty pairing knife. Get thee some peppers, zuchinni, and red cabbage; then try this recipe that certainly lives up to it’s name.
isn't it beautiful!

isn’t it beautiful!


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