Vandalia Gathering

I borrowed my grandmother’s Canon DS6041, aka the 300D, this past weekend to try and get a feel for DSLRs, shooting in manual, and the button set-ups on Canons.  A cool thing was that I got to compare it to my brother-in-law’s newer canon rebel. While I appreciate my grandmother letting me borrow her camera, comparing it to the newer version was night and day. The 300D has 6.3 mega pixels, less than my old iphone, and for some reason, I could not get photos perfectly in focus. The battery lasted for about ten minutes and the memory card held about ten frames when on the large file setting.  My brother-in-law’s camera could hold a ga-gillion, top notch photos and could take about 3 or 4 picture’s a second. The battery lasted multiple days.

IMG_0737  IMG_0752


But still, the images are better than my old olympus.  Here are a few from this past weekend’s Vandalia Gathering.

vandalia (12 of 11)  vandalia (11 of 11)  vandalia (10 of 11)  vandalia (9 of 11) vandalia (8 of 11)  vandalia (7 of 11)vandalia (6 of 11)

vandalia (5 of 11)  vandalia (4 of 11)

vandalia (3 of 11)

vandalia (2 of 11)

vandalia (1 of 1)


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