Spring Potsticker

I made potstickers! I had no idea if they would work out or if I would be ordering pizza. I took some photos, with the plan that I would make some alterations to the recipe and post it here- but there is no way that I  can improve this recipe or describe the somewhat laborious process to the same success as Deb at Smitten Kitchen. To attempt it would only be an injustice to you. Please go here, print out her recipe, do yourself a favor and start mise en place, and freeze the extras for a fancy appetizer next time you have friends over. It is well worth the effort.

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

Some tips however I might add to the original recipe:

Because dumpling wrappers are not prevalent in my neck of the woods, I used the square won-ton wrappers available in my grocery store and made them a little more round with a biscuit cutter. Rounding the edges seemed to work instead of having to make them completely round. If I would have insisted on perfect circles, there would have been hardly any room for the filling. You could skip this step all together and just make them into the triangle shape like crab ragoons/wontons but the pleats really look nice and add a lot to the presentation.


Also, it will seem like you are making a ton of these- and you are, 50-60, but they are super light so you have to eat a bunch of them to fill you up. They are perfect as an appetizer, but they take so long that you’re probably not going to make anything else fancy that night. The folding stage is is a perfect time to call in your sous chef (friend, significant other, escort service…)


I wasn’t sure if this recipe would qualify for a health-recipe because of the wrappers. While the wrappers don’t qualify as a super-food, or even a whole-food, they aren’t that bad either. It’s pretty much just egg, flour, water, and salt. Further, if you are watching your caloric intake, they are only 155 calories for 8 wrappers. Better yet, what a great way to add some more veggies in your diet, if you are like me and need some convincing before eating asparagus. The dipping sauce is tasty, but it definitely doesn’t qualify as a health food. Fortunately these little guys are delicious without the dipping sauce- you won’t even miss it if you opt out.

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