sorta-detox: days 2 & 3

So I’m not sticking to the meal plan super strict, it’s more to give me options so I don’t have to think about it throughout the week.

Monday Dinner: Mediterranean tomatoes over chicken and green beans.
dessert: apple slices dipped in homemade peanut butter and honey.

For some reason my blog account isn’t wanting to upload pictures anymore, so you’ll have to use your imagination for awhile.

We baked the tomatoes over chicken, but now I think it would be tastier if you grilled the chicken and then had the tomatoes as a side.

Tuesday breakfast:  stoneyfield yogurt, almonds, blueberries, and a drizzle of honey. 10x better than cold cereal and only took about 30 seconds to prepare. 
green tea with jasmine at work.

lunch: steak salad

gobble up snack as soon as you get home to avoid eating cauldron-sized bowl of cereal : pear and handful of peanuts

dinner: Holy Moley Amazing Curry Chicken. Actually, it was supposed to be red beans instead of chicken, but the red beans didn’t turn out. Holy fortuitous mishap. We threw in some chicken and it was this beautiful, turmeric golden thing whose smell nearly made the four of us dance in my tiney tiny kitchen.

But the best was sitting around my little dining room table and applauding the cooks as we tried to slow ourselves from eating the curry too quickly. We recounted the day, then pulled ourselves back from talking too much about work, and instead listened to an entertaining story about one of the sorta-detoxers nearly being labeled a felon in a foreign country. This sorta-detox is turning out to be as much a social exercise as a diet. 

Wednesday breakfast: two medium boiled eggs and half a serving of cheddar cheese. It was so sharp that I had to put half of it back!
darjeeling tea at work

lunch: salad with chicken, red onions, cranberries, and feta cheese.

I have to confess, if it weren’t for the three other people doing this with me, I’d be tapping out about now. We’re all so busy that we don’t get to cooking until 7 and by the time we’re done cleaning, we’re not finished until after 9. I have to think that the longer you do this, the faster you get at it. You know some meals without having to look at a recipe. You have whole food staples in your kitchen. And when you have multiple cooks working in a small space, you are inevitably going to have a bigger mess than if you were cooking in your own kitchen. I clean as I work when I cook solo and am able to coordinate the recipe so that I only have to use one cutting board, one knife, one mixing bowl, that sort of thing. But when you start delegating chopping over here, and peeling over there, you can’t avoid a mess… a mess which takes less time to create, i.e. to get dinner on the table, but longer to clean. Fortunately, the sorta-detox clan has been staying around to help with that task too. I’m grateful that they are sticking with it and encouraging me to do the same, lest I would probably be eating a mound of chocolate about now.


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