sorta-detox day one

Yesterday’s dinner was the first meal on the “sorta-detox” – After a busy Sunday, the four of us went to Sam’s Club to look for what we could (fruits and veggies not on the dirty dozen and some organic greens) and then to Martin’s (our local grocery) for the rest. It was somewhat expensive, (especially organic cheese!) but not as bad as we expected. Looking at every label did make the shopping experience a long one, even with dividing and conquering . okay boys, you go get chicken and steak. We’re going to go get seeds, cheese, and beans!

Then we got to my place and started making dinner and lunches for the next day. One of our sorta-detox cronnies had a bible study the next evening so we assembled the prep for her dinner too. Actually cooking, even a simple meal of a london broil, microwaved sweet potato, and sauteed green beans, takes a long time on a school night! I knew that already, I mean I cook more complicated menus than that for guests, but I guess it just seemed super long because I realized we’d be doing that every night for 10 days. I was pooped after we finally got my kitchen clean.

But the fruit of our labor was something that reminded me of home. I had a colorful plate that had been made with the food groups in mind and was meant to nourish us, not just fill us. It was great, and it made me appreciate my mom. Years and years she had worked full time and came home to cook me a balanced dinner. She rarely picked something up from a fast food resturant and always made sure that there was a meat, a fruit, and a veggie on my plate. That took time, that took sacrifice, and that took love. And it made me want to read this.

Alas, I forgot my prepared steak salad and delicious homemade balsamic vinaigrette in my fridge this morning! Grumble grumble. I guess I have my lunch for tomorrow on deck. So I had to track down a meal in this city an hour from my apartment. It was harder than I thought. I ended up going to a restaurant that toted itself online as being organic, but once I got in there, I didn’t see any mention of organics. I tried to get something safe, I asked for the veggie veggie sandwich but on a salad. I suspect the pepper jack cheese in it was not organic, but I made the best out of what I had available and didn’t veer too far off of the diet plan. It was just frustrating to have to go off the plan before 24 hours had past.

Anywhosal, below I’ve posted my shopping list and menu plan. (Which we’ve already adjusted because the grocery store ran out of broccoli- have you ever heard of such a thing?) The main idea of planning it out was to have a grocery list with minimal waste, limited amounts of sugar, and the other food groups balanced. I highlighted things like wheat, dairy, meat, and sugar to keep a visual of what each day looked like. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t fall into my usual ruts of eating too many carbs, etc. I’ll post some of the recipes as we go.  :)

P.S. Did you know how delicious a baked sweet potato is?! I didn’t! I’d only ever tried to make them as fries and this was wayyyy better! They just came out of the microwave and we sprinkled cinnamon on them and boom. Freakin’ like candy.

ÿ        Eggs
ÿ        Chickpeas
ÿ        Red Kidney Beans
ÿ        Ground Turkey
ÿ        Chicken
ÿ        3 steaks
ÿ        Onion
ÿ        Red Onion
ÿ        Carrots
ÿ        Peppers (Red)
ÿ        Tomatoes
ÿ        Avocado
ÿ        Green Beans
ÿ        Salad
ÿ        Garlic
ÿ        Mushrooms
ÿ        Apples
ÿ        Pears
ÿ        Oranges
ÿ        Lemon
ÿ        Feta
ÿ        Parmesan
ÿ        Cheddar
ÿ        Plain yogurt
ÿ        Cilantro
ÿ        Flat leaf parsley
ÿ        Beef broth
ÿ        salsa
ÿ        Disposable dressing containers
ÿ        nut milk bag
Snacks or Dessert
Salad, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Steak
Yogurt, granola, almond, fruit parfait
Roasted Veggies Tomato Soup w mozz and a side salad with cucumbers, broccoli, red onion, chick peas
Mediterranean veggies and chicken w side of steamed broccoli
Oatmeal and raisin stuffed apples
Oatmeal with nuts, cranberries, and maple syrup
Salad w Grilled Chicken, black beans,  avocado
Red Kidney Bean and Curry over brown rice
2 Soft boiled eggs and a piece of cheese
Brown rice, chicken, black bean, avocado, salsa bowl
Warming lentil and sweet potato salad
Pumpkin granola
Green smoothie with protein powder
Peanut butter on  apple slices,
Tomato Soup
Salad, 100% Whole wheat bread (from my 5 minute a day book) Panini’s  (caramelized onion, roasted red peppers, cheese,
Vanilla roasted pears
Pumpkin spiced oatmeal
Greek chicken salad
Bulgur Salad w Chickpeas, Roasted Red Peppers ,Spiced Cumin Dressing
Almonds and dried cranberries
2 Soft boiled eggs and a piece of cheese
Pesto Salad Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Some protein?
Quinoa and lemon chicken
Yogurt, granola, almond, cranberry parfait
Curried apple chicken salad over salad
Roasted veggies and turkey meatballs
Peanut butter on whole wheat English muffin
1 orange 1 egg
Pear, cranberry, feta, balsamic salad w leftover Quinoa
Turkey Chili
Cherry, walnut, cocoa cookie
Apple Chia seeds and yogurt
Curried apple chicken salad over salad
Salad with Pears and Gorz and bals.
Mushroom Bourguignon Sautéed Green beans
2 Soft boiled eggs and a piece of cheese
Turkey Chili
Chicken m’room marsala  with Green beans

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