sorta detox

So if you read this blog, you likely know me in real life, and may have heard my relatively recent understanding about how all sin is a perversion of something that was originally good and how such perversions are intrinsically harmful to our health (whether it be physically, emotionally, or as a society), often in ways that we don’t recognize. So when God instructs us not to do something, it usually is for our own benefit. For example, sex outside of marriage and masturbation is a perversion of the sexuality God gifts us and harms our current or future spouse, ourselves, and harms society as a whole, messing with an individual’s or society’s ability to commit and creates families that have the odds stacked against them.

I also think that the root of most of our food/weight issues follow this same framework. Gluttony is a perversion of enjoying the bounty God provides for us. And it makes us fat, sick, and sad. God gave us diligence to work for his Glory, or ‘stick-with-it-ness’ to overcome difficulties in life. The human body is perfectly made for labor, but when we move away from that we embrace sloth. Sloth is a perversion and it makes us fat, sick, unsuccessful, and sad. On this note, I have also been more aware of the theory that when we mess with the make up of our food, we are treading this line of perversion that may harm us in ways we don’t know. 

When we shove all our beef into concentrated animal feeding operations (“CAFOs”) the cows stand in their own excrement, therefore we have to prevent them from getting sick and passing that sickness onto other animals and to us by using preventative antibiotics. That paired with growth hormones or steroids makes for some pretty altered food. I’m not saying that doctoring sick animals is bad, and I’m not saying that you’re going to Hell for eating McDonald’s. However, what I am saying is that this dramatic alteration of our food may be harming us in ways we don’t understand. We’re building tolerances to antibiotics, we’re finding more and more people with endocrinology problems (raises hand), and even fish in our water supply are showing the effects of our country’s dependence on medicinal hormones.

So, I’m swearing off soda, foods that have been genetically modified, and foods that have been so broken down that they only have one nutrient (white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugar, bleached flour)for 10 days. I’m also skipping any artificial preservatives (sodium nitrate, that means no deli meats), picking organic fruits and veggies when able ($), and most importantly, avoiding any animal, or animal product, that has been raised with steroids, other hormones, or preventive antibiotics.

source: smitten kitchen

I’m only doing this for 10 days for a few reasons. #1. I’m expecting it will be expensive. #2 It’s going to take a lot of meal planning, beyond what I usually do. #3 I’m addicted to carbs, breads, and cookies and to find/bake without processed flour and sugar is going to be very difficult for yours truly.  Fortunately though, I have two buddies willing to take the plunge with me to spur me on and to help absorb some of the duties of cooking and the cost of the groceries. I really shouldn’t call it a detox because we’re still going to eat a small amount of : complex carbs, sugar in the form of honey, meat, and dairy. Really, we’re just trying to eat the way we should be already and searching for food in its original form without excessive poking and prodding from the food industry.

Here’s an example of what a day will likely look like:

  Breakfast                                    Lunch                                        Dinner

Pumpkin spiced oatmeal
Greek chicken salad
Bulgur Salad with Chickpeas, Roasted Red Peppers and Spiced Cumin Dressing

See, no deprivation. But none of the foods are instant and they are in their original form.

If this is a success and isn’t as difficult as we thought, I’m planning on doing a longer diet for lent.

I’ll post my whole 10-day meal plan with some of the recipes here in a few days in case you want to do it with us. We start the 6th and go until the 16th.

I’ll also post some of the names of documentaries that are great motivation for changing your diet. They are better at explaining how the body works with processed foods than I can explain. Sometimes they can get a little preachy and conspiracy laden, but they’ll inspire you to forgo the 3pm diet coke and cheetos………. Jesus help me; I love me some cheetos.


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