Getting over a Cold

Home Remedies:

Pap’s Remedy: Shot or two of Burbon and then go to bed and stay hot.
To make Pap’s remedy a little more palitable: Hot Toddy
although others say that alcohol supresses the immune system.
What I’ve been sucking down to get through work and Christmas carols: tea, tea, and tea

What Science Tells us to Eat:

Fish, chicken and turkey can help the organs that make your cold-destroying white blood cells. Just don’t eat fried stuff, when you’re sick you don’t need to put your body through the extra riggors of digesting processed, fatty foods.

garlic eaters seem to fight off colds, possibly because of the compound allicin’s ability to block infections, the New York Times reported.

What to Skip:

While OJ has some immunity boosting benefit, its a lot of sugar and not much substance. Going straight to an orange (or kale or a red pepper) would serve the cold bearer better. “However, before you run out for a week’s worth of grapefruit, keep in mind that the jury is still out on vitamin C’s real cold-busting benefit. A 2007 study that followed more than 11,000 people over several decades found that the average person isn’t benefitted all that much by a daily dose of vitamin C.” Sarah Kline at

The jury is also out on whether to avoid dairy products when you have a cold.  Some say it increases mucus, while others say nay. Dairy products can be good sources of protein and vitamin D, which can both help fight infections, so pick your poison.


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