Confession: I have fallen off the wagon. It started with one little baking project with pumpkin and escalated until I was making cookies and icing with abandon. You see, I love to cook and especially to bake. Since the last post I’ve made beautiful, complicated french macaroons, fragrant pumpkin snicker doodles, fabulous beer mug shaped and decorated sugar cookies, and lots of other fun projects. I logged into my fitness pal (“mfp”) for the first time in almost two months. My gym membership expired and I have failed to get closer to the 5k than the couch. The good news is that I haven’t packed on much, if any weight since my last weigh in. However, I am definitely out of shape and my pants confirm that I’m a bit more pudgy.

However, last night I readjusted my goals on mfp to a modest half pound per week and have set my sights on some running pants for me and a doggie sweater for the pup. I’ll allow it if I can simply meet my calorie goal for the week. I’m considering myself back on track even though I consumed a considerable amount of chocolate this afternoon and am planning on frozen yogurt with a gal pal tonight. Baby steps, right?

Anywhosal, I’m going to have to think up some light baking projects to quell my lust for my kitchenaid mixer, and what I find, I will share.

Until next time dearies,



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