Hike your Butt Off

Saturday was b-e-a-utiful! A good friend (and future guest blogger) came in to visit her cousin, the future hubs, and of course we had to show her some of the local natural beauty. So we decided to try our luck at a nearby hiking destination at Annapolis Rocks in Maryland. We did about 6 miles, took our time, munched on some homemade trailmix along the way, and took in some gorgeous scenery. I had been looking forward to this hike for weeks because I had promised myself that burning that many calories would warrent a delicious and huge orange vanilla cupcake from a nearby bakery. It was good- but not really what I had built up in my mind- which I guess is a good thing! Now I know that a cupcake is tasty, but it’s not all that much of a sacrifice, and that it’s not really worth the calories. (I’m specifically not posting a picture of the cupcake to avoid food porn!) I’m going to start experiementing with recipes to concoct the holy grail of the creamsicle flavor before summer is over. I’ll let you know if I discover a healthy alternative!
The Hike Up.
My Hiking Crew! Big thanks for Coming Out!
    Taking a break to enjoy some rocks.
Walk through the woods and come out to this!
if you look closely you can see two proud fellas posing on the outcropping.

My friend pointing out a copperhead to her cousin from an outcropping of rocks at the top of the trail.


Not a bad way to burn some calories!


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