I like big lunch bags and I cannot lie.

So there’s this little thing in life that is making me happy. I’ve been fighting with myself to not buy it as it is not a good choice for our planet- but I broke down and did it- and I’m looooving it. Sam’s sells resturant supplies including those clear doggie bag, take out containers to us normal people and it is so easy! It’s true that all  a sucessful diet takes costs you extra time: time at the grocery store, extra time packing lunches, extra time working out, and extra time doing the dishes if you’re not eating out as often. However, these to-go containers have made packing healthy lunches easier and getting through the Sam’s Mega-Sized Organic Mixed Greens before it goes bad a doable fete.

Another thing I might suggest for you single, roomie-less friends is a self-made Sam’s Co-Op. I share my Sam’s membership with a girl I used to work with. We’re three hours away from one another but we split the cost of a membership. (Sam’s is totally down with this scheme- I asked before signing up.) Another Co-Op neccessity is sharing the huge portions! I share the groceries I buy with another current co-worker and we even take turns bringing healthy lunches for one another.  Today was my day and check out my sa-weet salads! Each are under 200 calories, very filling, and packed with antioxidents and vitamins! And the best part- I only have to bring home one tiny piece of tupperwear to throw in the wash.

Now then, I also have to pack myself snacks! If I don’t have something healthy to munch on, the vending machine starts calling my name. Even if I can persevere through the work day, I want to rush home and consume anything that’s already made, i.e. pretzels, mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt, cereal, etc. instead of making a healthy veggie filled dinner. Or worse, drive through somewhere. So I pack two snacks, a.m. and p.m. This evening before I punch the clock and head to the gym I’ll snarf down a delicious hummus and pretzel chip combo.  This morning snack starred the blackberries my future-hubs bought me at the farmer’s market. swoon.

Pretty tasty! It’s one of those thin wheat sandwich buns with a tablespoon of my homemade peanut butter topped with about a half a cup of blackberries and drizzled with honey. You might be able to find a snack in the vending machine for under the 204 calories this one adds up, but I doubt you’d find a tastier one with complex carbs, protein, antioxidents and vitamens! Now all this food does take up a good bit of space, which brings me to the title of this post. Relinquish to the cabinet those wimpy lunch pails that hold little more than a pb&j and diet coke! Rejoice in the glory of your planned diet and strut proudly into your office with a totebag if you need to! Only watch out for daushunds who might be tempted by the deliciousocity or trying to stow-away for a free car ride.


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